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How to Wear Scarf As Hijab? 7 Easy and Beautiful Styles

To wear a scarf as a hijab, wrap it around your head and secure with pins. Choose a non-slip, breathable fabric for comfort and modesty. 

Wearing a scarf as a hijab is both a modest and stylish choice for many women. It provides coverage while allowing for personal expression through various fabrics and patterns. Selecting the right material is crucial, as it ensures the hijab stays in place throughout the day. 

Cotton, jersey, and chiffon are popular choices for their comfort and ease of styling. The process involves folding the scarf in a triangle, placing it over the head, and then wrapping it around the neck and shoulders, securing it with pins where necessary. This simple, versatile method allows for quick adjustments and ensures the scarf fits snugly. With practice, integrating a scarf as hijab into a daily routine becomes a seamless part of a woman’s wardrobe, reflecting both her faith and fashion sense.

Introduction To Hijab Styling

The hijab, far more than a piece of cloth, holds a world of meaning and versatility. It symbolizes modesty, privacy, and morality. But the journey does not stop at its significance. The art of styling a hijab brings together traditional values and modern fashion sensibilities, allowing women to express their style. Discover how to transform a simple scarf into a hijab and embrace both cultural fidelity and contemporary style trends.

Cultural Significance Of Hijab

The hijab is deeply rooted in cultural traditions around the globe. It resonates with personal identity and serves as a spiritual connection for many. Wearing a hijab goes beyond religion; it’s a cultural hallmark and a statement of heritage. Each fold and drape tells a story of centuries-old customs, reflecting an individual’s pride in their cultural heritage.

Fashion Meets Modesty

When fashion meets modesty, the result is a beautiful blend that satisfies both personal belief and style. Modern hijab styling breaks the mold with vibrant colors, patterns, and materials, allowing for versatility in everyday wear. The same scarf can switch roles from a traditional accessory to a chic, urban statement piece without compromising an ounce of modesty. It’s the perfect way to stay true to one’s values while rocking the latest trends.

Choosing The Right Scarf

Chiffon Vs. Other Fabrics For Summer Hijabs - Ayesha’s Collection

Scarves are not just a piece of fabric, but a canvas of self-expression, especially when worn as a hijab. The right scarf can complement your outfit, ensure comfort, and reflect your personal style. Let’s dive into selecting the perfect scarf for a hijab.

Fabric Types And Their Comfort

Fabric choice is key in finding a comfortable hijab. Consider these popular options:

  • Cotton: Breathable and natural, ideal for everyday wear.
  • Chiffon: Lightweight and elegant but may need an under-scarf to prevent slipping.
  • Jersey: Stretchable and comfortable, the fabric clings without pins.
  • Silk: Luxurious and smooth, better for special occasions.

Patterns, Colors, And Personal Style

Selecting the right pattern and color is vital for your personal style. Here are some tips:



Style Note



Adds femininity to the look.



Modern edge, pairs well with solids.



Versatile; brings focus to the outfit.



Shows a bold personality and creativity.

Always match scarf colors to the tone of your skin and the outfit. Try different styles until you find what highlights your personal flair. A well-chosen scarf not only caters to modesty but also elevates style and comfort.

Basic Steps For Wrapping A Scarf

Learning to wrap a scarf as a hijab can be easy and fun. Hijabs come in many colors and fabrics. They offer both modesty and style. This guide provides essential steps to style a scarf into a hijab. Master these steps and experiment with confidence!

Folding Techniques

Starting with the right folding technique sets the base for a neat hijab. Crease-free and smooth edges make wrapping easier. Here are simple methods to fold your scarf before securing it.

  • Square Scarf: Fold diagonally to form a triangle. Keep the fold sharp.
  • Rectangular Scarf: Fold slightly off-center. Adjust for more length on one side.

Securing The Scarf In Place

After folding, securing the scarf is vital for comfort and style. Proper securing avoids slips and readjustments. Try these steps:

  1. Place the folded scarf over the head. Ensure ends are uneven for styling.
  2. Use a pin under the chin to hold the sides together. Choose a pin that matches or complements your scarf.
  3. Wrap the longer side around the neck and over the opposite shoulder.
  4. Secure the scarf with another pin or tuck in neatly.
  5. For extra hold, use a hijab cap underneath. This prevents slipping.

Different Hijab Styles

Embracing personal style while honoring religious traditions can be a beautiful balancing act. Scarves offer a versatile accessory that can become a statement of both faith and fashion. Below are some stylish ways to wear a scarf as a hijab.

Classic Wrap

The Classic Wrap is timeless and simple.

  • Place a rectangular scarf over your head with one side longer than the other.
  • Pull it over the chin and under the opposite side.
  • Wrap the longer end around your neck and let it drape over your shoulder.
  • Pin the edges under your chin or at the sides to secure.

Turban Style

If you crave elegance with an edge, the Turban Style is perfect.

  • Center a long scarf over your head.
  • Cross the ends behind your neck and bring them forward.
  • Twist the ends around each other and tuck them in.
  • Adjust the fabric at the front for a neat, fitted look.

Layered Chic

Layered Chic adds volume and texture to your hijab style.

  1. Start with a basic wrap using an under-scarf cap.
  2. Place a second scarf for contrast and layer.
  3. Bring the ends to the front and adjust the layers.
  4. Secure with pins or a brooch for a final touch.

Accessorizing Your Hijab

Chiffon Hijab Accessories - Ayesha’s Collection

When you wear a scarf as a hijab, accessories can add a pop of personality and style. Turn your hijab into a fashion statement with simple, yet chic accessories. Not only do they enhance your look, they can also provide additional hold throughout your day. Discover these creative ways to elevate your hijab style.

Using Hijab Pins

Pins are more than just functional; they’re an opportunity for self-expression. Here’s how to use them creatively:

  • Choose decorative pins that complement your outfit.
  • Place them at the ends of your hijab or in areas you wish to secure.
  • Creating intricate folds? Use pins to hold these designs in place.

Mix and match different pins to create unique patterns and textures for your hijab style.

Incorporating Headbands And Crowns

Headbands and crowns can transform your hijab look. Here’s what to do:

  1. Select a headband that sits comfortably on your head.
  2. Slide it over your undercap or directly on your hair.
  3. Adjust the hijab around the headband to display it fashionably.

Choose crowns or headbands with jewels for special occasions. They make you stand out!

Accessory Type


Style Tip


Secure hijab

Use colorful pins for a fun look


Adds style

Go for a beaded headband for elegance


Makes a statement

Wear a simple crown for a touch of royalty

Accessorizing your hijab is easy and effective. Whether you use pins, headbands, or crowns, these additions will enhance your style. Most importantly, select accessories that make you feel comfortable and confident.

Maintaining Comfort And Security

Wearing a scarf as a hijab brings style and modesty together. The key lies in maintaining comfort and security. The right techniques ensure your hijab stays in place. They also offer ease throughout the day. This section will guide you through tips to prevent it from slipping. It will also help you adapt to weather conditions.

Preventing Slippage

Keep your scarf secure with these steps:

  • Use under scarves: A cotton undercap prevents silk or satin scarves from sliding.
  • Opt for pins: Pinning at the chin or under the ear provides better grip.
  • Choose the right fabric: Cottonjersey, or chiffon fabrics offer good friction.
  • Select no-slip hijabs: Pre-sewn hijabs or those with built-in ties can save time and stay put.

Dealing With Weather Extremes

Adjust your hijab according to the temperature:


Tips for Your Hijab

Hot and Humid

Choose breathable fabrics like cotton. Wear looser styles for airflow. Opt for lighter colors to reflect sunlight.

Cold and Windy

Layer with wool or pashmina scarves. Use cap-style under scarves for warmth. Wrap tighter to keep out drafts.

Incorporating Hijab Into Various Outfits

The hijab is not just a symbol of modesty but also a versatile accessory that can elevate your outfit. Be it casual or formal, the hijab can be styled in numerous ways to match your clothing. Let’s dive into ways to incorporate the hijab into your wardrobe for different occasions.

Casual Looks

For a relaxed day out, pair your hijab with jeans and a comfy t-shirt. Start with a lightweight cotton scarf. Secure it under your chin with a knot. Let the ends hang loose for an effortless vibe. Experiment with colors and prints to match your outfit.

Weekend brunch? Layer a denim jacket over a maxi dress. Wrap your hijab to frame your face beautifully. Choose pastels or floral designs to add a fresh look.

Formal Attire

Attend weddings or formal events with elegance. Pair a silk or chiffon hijab with your gown. Opt for a turban wrap or a more embellished style with pins and accessories. Be sure to match or contrast with your attire. This brings a touch of sophistication.

In a professional setting, align your hijab with a blazer and tailored pants. Keep the colors solid and the fabric smooth. A neat, understated pin can secure your hijab. It adds a polished finish to your look.

Sporty Hijab Options

For active days, opt for a sports hijab. These are pre-sewn and come in stretchy, breathable fabrics. Pair with a tracksuit or sports tee and leggings. Look for moisture-wicking materials to keep you cool.

Choose bold colors or go for classic black or white. A sports hijab supports movement and comfort while staying stylish. Reflective strips or logos can add a functional yet trendy element.

Troubleshooting Common Issues

Troubleshooting common issues with wearing a scarf as a hijab can sometimes be overwhelming. Ensuring comfort, style, and functionality is key. From managing scarf volume to quick fixes for unexpected slips or malfunctions, let’s dive into some handy tips that will help you wear your hijab with confidence!

Managing Scarf Volume

Finding the right balance when wrapping a scarf can be tricky. An excessive volume might feel uncomfortable and unwieldy. Here are ways to achieve a sleek and comfortable fit:

  • Choose the right material: Light fabrics like chiffon or georgette offer breathability and less bulk.
  • Scarf size matters: Opt for medium-sized scarves that provide coverage without excess fabric.
  • Layering technique: Fold your scarf into a triangle or use underscarves to minimize bulk.
  • Secure with pins: Use no-snag hijab pins to tame any unruly layers and keep everything in place.

Quick Fixes For Hijab Malfunctions

Sometimes hijabs may slip, come loose, or even get snagged. Here’s how you can handle these snags without a sweat:


Quick Fix

Slipping Hijab

Use an underscarf and double-sided tape for extra grip.

Loose Ends

Carry safety pins. Secure loose fabric discreetly.

Snagged Fabric

Keep a small scarf in your bag for quick swaps.

Bold the edges with a hijab cap.

Prevent unraveling by tucking in end pieces.

Use magnetic pins for a swift and secure fix.

Inspiration And Learning Resources

Discovering how to style a scarf as a hijab can be fun and creative. It blends modesty with fashion. Let’s dive into where you can find inspiration and learn how to craft your look. With a wide array of resources available, mastering the art of hijab styling is just a click away!

Following Hijab Fashion Bloggers

For up-to-date trends and styles, turn to hijab fashion bloggers. These influencers often share their favorite looks, tips, and tricks. Here are a few ways they can inspire you:

  • Personal Blogs: Check out their websites for how-to guides.
  • Social Media: Follow them on platforms like Instagram for daily inspiration.
  • Lookbooks: Find curated photos and styling ideas to emulate.

Connect with a diverse community eager to share their hijab styling expertise. Whether sleek and modern or traditional, there’s a blogger that matches every style.

Youtube Tutorials And Workshops

Nothing beats visual learning, especially for styling techniques. Here’s how YouTube can help:

  • Step-by-Step Tutorials: Watch experts demonstrate different styles.
  • Variety of Styles: From elegant turbans to casual wraps, find it all.
  • Interactive Workshops: Join live sessions and ask questions in real-time.

Explore hours of content tailored to your learning pace. Practice alongside and gain confidence in your hijab-wearing skills.


Mastering scarf styling for hijab is a creative journey. Embrace individuality while respecting modesty and elegance. Whether it’s a casual look or a formal outfit, a well-tied scarf enhances your outfit. Ayesha’s Collection gives you the complete beauty and comfort of Hijab.

Frequently Asked Questions For How To Wear Scarf As Hijab?

Can I Wear A Scarf Like A Hijab? 

Yes, you can wear a scarf as a hijab by wrapping it securely around your head and under your chin to cover your hair and neck. 

How Do You Wrap A Scarf Around Your Head Like A Hijab? 

Hold the scarf horizontally and place it over your head. Ensure one side is longer than the other. Wrap the longer end around your head once. Pull it over the opposite shoulder, snugly adjusting around the face. Secure both ends with pins under your chin. 

How Do You Wear A Respectfully Hijab? 

To wear a hijab respectfully, select a modest, non-sheer scarf. Cover your head and chest, pinning the scarf securely. Ensure your outfit aligns with Islamic guidelines for modesty. Adjust the hijab to avoid discomfort and maintain a neat appearance without drawing excessive attention. 

What Makes A Scarf A Hijab? 

A hijab is a scarf that covers the head and neck, worn by Muslim women for modesty and religious observance.

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