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Ayesha's Collection

Hijab Magnet 2 Pack

Hijab Magnet 2 Pack

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Discover the beauty of choice with our no-snag hijab magnets. With a spectrum of two essential shades tailored to your daily styling needs, these magnets breathe life into your hijab ensemble while promising an unwavering hold.

Key Features:

  • Diverse Palette: This 2-pack provides a shade for every occasion, beige tones and classic black.
  • Consistent, Pin-Free Support: Ensure your hijab stays gracefully in position, without resorting to potentially damaging pins.
  • Fabric-Friendly Design: Carefully crafted to be tender on your scarves, these magnets prevent unwanted tears and pulls, ensuring your hijabs remain in immaculate condition.
  • Chic yet Subtle: While offering a variety of colors to harmonize with any outfit, our magnets maintain an understated elegance, allowing your hijab's beauty to take center stage.
  • Safety Comes Standard: Designed with smooth, rounded edges and a user-first approach, these magnets offer peace of mind alongside their aesthetic appeal.

Experience the fusion of fashion and function with Ayesha's Collection's no-snag hijab magnets. Because every day deserves its own shade of perfection.

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